The Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program Professional Qualities

We are currently educating children for a future that is rapidly changing. To prepare ourselves, we have to consider our role as learners – open to change, seeking possibilities, and compelled by the unknown.


The Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program has developed a working list of “qualities” that we seek to support our graduate students in developing throughout their 12 month teaching and learning experience. The Professional Qualities are a response to the question:

How do we educate teachers, in order to educate students, for the current and future world?

Graduates of our program work in many different settings, from private to public schools, and with different age children, from birth to 3rd grade and even older in some cases. Graduates assume teaching, director, administrator, teacher educator, and policy positions. We view the Professional Qualities as essential to success in any of these positions.

We do not consider the Professional Qualities permanent and consider how they might evolve as our program grows and changes alongside the profession of teaching and the field of Early Childhood Education. We value any reactions you might leave us in comments.

  • How do you see these qualities reflected in your workplace?
  • What would you add to the list?
  • Which of these are your biggest goals?


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